We are privileged to offer specialist teaching to pupils who benefit best from being taught in small numbers. A range of general subjects are taught by a specialist teacher. Practical subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

At Key Stage Three, the pupils follow adapted schemes of work in line with the pupils in their year group.

Preparation for transfer begins at Primary School where well established links have been developed with our Learning Support Centre.

At Key Stage Four, the pupils follow a range of courses which lead to external accreditation and which prepare the pupils for the world of work, the world of living and the world of leisure.

Pupils have the option of participating in CCEA Occupational Studies and undertake at least one week’s Work Experience.

Special Needs

St Patrick’s College has a qualified SENCO who leads all staff in responding appropriately to pupils who have special needs. We aim to create an environment that is sympathetic to pupils who exhibit learning and behavioural difficulties so that their learning is optimised. Additional individualised help is provided for these pupils through in-class support and specialist tuition.

Regular in-service training is provided for all staff and Individual Education Plans are used appropriately to enhance learning.